Throw out the traditional sales funnel, consumer shopping habits have changed drastically over the past few years. The modern sales path looks more like a lasso than a funnel, and tripwires can be a great tool for roping in new customers. These days, consumers spend endless hours researching and discovering brands, so it’s important to build a rapport with shoppers before they’re ready to buy.

Consumers don’t want to be inundated with cheesy advertisements. They know that advertisers value their attention and they expect something valuable in return. This is the foundational premise of content marketing, providing consumers with valuable content in return for their attention and engagement.

Engaging Potential Customers With Tripwires

A ‘tripwire’ is something valuable that is offered to potential customers in return for their engagement. It could be a discount, a free gift, or anything else that a potential customer will value. These valuable incentives help brands engage prospects and build loyal relationships with existing customers.

Tripwires come in a variety of forms. Marketers need to take a close look at their audience to determine which will work best for their brands. Basically, the goal is to rope in new customers with free stuff. However, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. This incentive should be deployed in a way that it pushes customers towards meeting your marketing goal. Usually, customers have to provide their contact info, join a mailing list, or otherwise engage with the brand in order to access the tripwire.

Case Study: Tripwire Deployment

I recently utilized this technique to help one of my clients pump up his SMS subscriber base. First, we came up with a valuable incentive. In this case, we decided an ebook covering 2020’s top growth stocks would be an effective choice. I wrote an ebook that was about 2,500 words long that covered five companies in detail. The ebook came loaded with original content and in-depth analysis. Once we had the book in hand, the next step was to implement the tripwire.

We chose a time and date to distribute the ebook via SMS. Then, we blasted the promotion via email and social media. We told our readers that we would send the ebook out on the specified date to our SMS subscribers and included a link to sign up for SMS alerts. The call to action pushed them to sign up now to make sure they receive the free ebook when it’s released.

Using this technique, we were able to boost mobile opt-ins by 15% over the course of two weeks. By distributing free content to the entire list, we provided a valuable extra to our existing subscribers and gave them more incentive to be loyal to the brand. As an added bonus, we took the same ebook and incorporated it into our lead-gen campaigns.

The Downside of Using Tripwires

Sometimes using tripwires can backfire. Businesses can end up with a bunch of ‘freebie seeker’ leads that don’t engage with your brand. This effect can be especially pronounced on email lists, where tripwire campaigns can suffer from poor open rates and bounce rates. Marketers may want to consider adding a two-step opt-in for email addresses so they know they’re getting qualified leads. It’s also helpful to incorporate tags so you can track the campaign’s performance and the quality of the leads. If tripwire leads aren’t opening emails or meeting your conversion goals, the campaign should be reevaluated.

Closing Thoughts

Businesses need to deliver quality content regularly to keep their leads engaged. Tripwires can’t make a marketing campaign, but they can be an effective support tool to give an existing strategy a push. Hitting the right angle with an audience can make all the difference, so it’s important to create unique incentives that your demographic will respond to.

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